The Requirements To Study MBBS-medicine & surgery And The Job Opportunities In Nigeria

In today’s guide, Schoolguide will be guiding you on career/professions.


We all as students of any institutions, you go to schools to become somebody tomorrow right??? So, as a science student who want to study medicine and surgery in the university after His/her secondary school, will need to know certain prerequisites to follow.


What you need: A candidate who wish to study medicine in the higher institution must possess the minimum of five credit passes in English language, mathematics, chemistry, physics and health science/biology for consideration in WAEC, NECO OR GCE.


A candidate of medicine and surgery must register the viz four (4) subjects in UTME. The subjects are: English language, mathematics/physics, chemistry and biology/health science for quality and proper considerations.


An expert of medicine and surgery can work in diverse settings like: Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, clinics, teaching hospitals, ministry of health, WHO, NAFDAC , self employment, work as a consultant in medical field, research institutes, customs and immigration amonsg many others.

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